500, 501, 502

The Topgun 500, 501, 502 lures are modelled on an original Hawaiian design and are an excellent choice when targeting both Blue and Black Marlin.  These lures are very easy to troll and are a relatively deep diving lure, producing a long continuous trail irresistible to predators.  They are a straight trolling lure and can be trolled either from the outriggers or the flat lines and is ideally suited to trolling in close and set on the side of the boats wake.

A number of good Yellowfin Tuna have been captured on these lures and they have been found suitable to be used while trolling live bait at slow speeds.  At slow speeds the head rocks from side to side, producing large flashes on sunny days from the laser paper or natural shell inserts.

    Maximum Head Diameter Head Length Overall (excluding skirted area) Skirted Length Minimum Line Class
500 34mm 52mm 300mm 8kg
501 42mm 57mm 300mm 15kg
502 47mm 56mm 300mm 15kg


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