The Appollo


The 12 inch Appollo originated from the home of game fishing, Hawaii. This is a tournament winning specialist lure and has taken a number of significant Marlin captures. The large Appollo has been the most successful Blue Marlin lure introduced to Australian waters and it is believed that in the now famous "Evil" colours (blue/silver skirt over green/gold) it has caught more Blue Marlin than any other single lure in Australia. An astute lure, fisherman will notice that the large Topgun Appollo is not perfectly round but slightly "egg-shaped". This is not a production error but it has been found that this slight oval shaping improves the action, enhances its bubble action and helps keep it in the water. Positioning of this lure is critical and often requires slight adjustment as sea conditions and boat direction change. It is best trolled from the outrigger and is not recommended for inexperienced anglers.

Topgun Appollos have also captured a number of significant Yellowfin Tuna. A recent capture in Bermagui NSW was a 94kg specimen on a light blue large Appollo. This is an excellent capture in anyone’s terms. 
Because of the success of the large Appollo, Topgun has developed two smaller sizes suitable for trolling on light line. These two smaller sizes are not identical down-sizing of the original and have subtle changes in their shape and ratio of length to diameter to improve their "fishability". They are both easy to troll, produce a good bubble trail and track straight.

The 9 1/2 inch Appollo was responsible for Topgun’s second certified Marlin capture in excess of 1,000lb, a Blue of 1,108lb caught in the Canary Islands. This lure is also suitable for and has been successful on most pelagic fish.

The 7-3/4 inch Appollo is an ideal light tackle lure. It is suitable for all tuna species and is an excellent choice when light tackle fishing for small marlin and sailfish.

The Appollo range of lures is available in a wide range of colour combinations including multi-colours and single colours.

    Maximum Head Diameter  Head Length Overall (excluding skirted area) Skirted Length Minimum Line Class
7-3/4 inch 30mm 45mm 200mm 6kg
9 inch 33mm 50mm 250mm 8kg
12 inch 39mm 49mm 300mm 10kg


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