Goadby Witch


The Goadby Witch, developed by the world renowned fishing writer, author of "Big Fish, Blue Water" and "Saltwater Gamefishing", Peter Goadby. This lure has incorporated the latest in lure technology to enhance the performance of the highly successful Appollo. Incorporating a dished front as opposed to a slice, the placement of this lure is not as critical. Its bubble trail is enhanced by the dished front which also helps keep the lure in the water. Can be trolled from the outrigger or flat. Since the Witch’s introduction, a number of worthy Marlin and Tuna captures have fallen to this lure including a 1092lb Blue Marlin caught in Tahiti.

    Maximum Head Diameter Head Length Overall (excluding skirted area) Skirted Length Minimum Line Class
9-1/2 inch 32mm 35mm 290mm 15kg
12 inch 38mm 43mm 290mm 24kg

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