The Maggot range of lures have been designed as an easy to troll, straight tracking lure,  The Maggot is a "set and forget" lure, where placement is not critical.  The Maggot is ideal for anglers who are not prepared to continuously adjust their lures to achieve optimum results.  They can be trolled on all flat lines as well as from outriggers.

The 7-3/4 inch is ideally suited to all small fish, including small billfish, and was the winning lure of the prestigious 1992 Tangalooma Tournament.

The 9-1/2 inch, a slightly bigger lure, is the latest addition to the Maggot range, filling the gap as a medium sized lure suitable for light line classes.  All the Maggots have similar trolling actions and are ideally suited for trolling as a set.  The 12 and 14 inch have a number of significant Blue and Black Marlin captures to their credit.

The 14 inch Magnum is a heavy tackle and a "big fish only" lure which can also be used as a teaser because of its size and action in the water.  All the Maggots are heavily dish-fronted and feature sharp leading edges to enhance their bubble trail and ability to stay in the water even under rough conditions.  A 573lb Blue Marlin was caught at Bermagui NSW on a 14 inch Maggot aboard Tru Dee V.

The Maggots are available in all popular colours, including multi-colour heads with matching skirts, fluorescent heads and skirts and single colours, including black and pearl highlights.


Maximum Head Diameter

Head Length Overall (excluding skirted area) Skirted Length Minimum Line Class
7-3/4 inch 27mm 35mm 240mm 6kg
9-1/2 inch 34mm 35mm 240mm 8kg
12 inch 40mm 41mm 290mm 15kg
14 inch 55mm 50mm 320mm 24kg
14 inch Magnum 60mm 60mm 350mm 37kg



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