Nightmare Ball Bearing

Ball Bearing lures aren't new shapes.  They are built into our proven head designs.  The do not spin only oscillate around their verticals axis.  With our Ball Bearing lures, the head is freed of the drag of the skirts and hook rig, allowing greater lure action whilst still retaining the classic straight running nature of sliced cut lures.

The Ball Bearing lures produce an irresistible action, smoking continuously in almost any position.  The Ball Bearing provides superior hold in the water, as the hooks no longer act as a rudder steering the head out of the water.  Recent captures on the Ball Bearing are two Vanuatu national records of 800lb Blue Marlin on 130lb and 786lb Blue Marlin on 80lb line class.

    Maximum Head Diameter Head Length Overall (excluding skirted area) Skirted Length Minimum Line Class
9-1/2 inch 40mm 48mm 280mm 8kg
12 inch 47mm 56mm 300mm 15kg
14 inch 57mm 64mm 360mm 24kg


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