The Plungers

The Mega Plungers, built on the success of the Super Plunger is the biggest lure in the Topgun range.  The Mega Plunger is designed to single out big fish yet still be practical to troll.  Like its smaller brother, The Mega Plunger is easy to troll and produces a huge bubble trail, with minimal line drag.  It is recommended for use on heavy tackle only.  Available in a range of natural shell inserts or highly reflective holographic paper.  A must if you are only interested in big fish.

The Super Plunger is one of the most successful large Marlin lures available.  A number of captures have exceeded the magical 1,000lb benchmark.  This lure is easy to troll from the rigger or flat lines, tracking straight and producing a significant continuous bubble trail.  As the name implies, the lure lips the surface then dives quite deep.  Because of the design of the  Super Plunger and small face diameter it can be trolled on relatively light line (24kg) for a lure of its size.  Fluorescent yellow Super Plungers with matching skirts are irresistible to Marlin.  A fish of approximately 1,100lb was released in Cairns.  This lure was continuously singled out of the pattern and generated most of the interest by the fish, whenever it was trolled.

The Little Plunger was developed by Topgun and is a 72% scaled down version of its larger brother.  Very soon after its introduction, the lure was successful in raising and taking a number of Blue and Black Marlin.
As with the Super Plunger, the Little Plunger is suitable to be trolled from the transom or the outriggers in all weather conditions.

All three Plungers are available in all popular colours, including multi-colour, with the option of special pearl colours which change colours as the angle of the light changes on the lure.  These pearl colours are an excellent choice as they imitate the natural colour of squid and appear to be very attractive to predators when matched with suitable skirt colours.

    Maximum Head Diameter Head Length Overall (excluding skirted area) Skirted Length Minimum Line Class
Little Plunger 36mm 38mm 320mm 15kg
Super Plunger 49mm 100mm 390mm 24kg
Mega Plunger 58mm 115mm 420mm 37kg

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