Tuna Bullets

Tuna Bullets
are designed to imitate fleeing bait fish and skim across the surface creating a long intermittent fine bubble trail. Bullets are suitable for all sea conditions and are an ideal choice while traveling at higher speeds.
Topgun Bullets are lead weighted and even though they were designed to target tuna species, they have occasionally taken Marlin and other pelagic species. The Bullet comes in five sizes. The two smaller sizes are an excellent choice when targeting stripies (skipjack) and other small bait tuna.

    Maximum Head Diameter Head Length Overall (excluding skirted area) Skirted Length Minimum Line Class
Little Bullet  20mm 40mm 200mm 6kg
Small Bullet 23mm 50mm 220mm 8kg
Medium Bullet  27mm 54mm 240mm 10kg
Large Bullet 28mm 60mm 250mm 15kg
Extra Large Bullet 33mm 76mm 320mm 24kg



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