The nightmare range of lures remains one of the premier lures of the Topgun line-up.  A Must for everyone's lure collection.  Because of the continuing success, prototyping and testing has now been completed, and the range broadened to include five sizes.  All five are lead weighted (loaded) and because of the careful selection of weight and its positioning, this lure is one of the easiest of slice-fronted lures.


All lures can be trolled from the rigger flat, although the Magnum is more suited to flat line.  This lure tracks straight and produces an excellent and continues bubble trail.  It remains in the water even under the roughest sea conditions yet performs well on a calm days.  Because of this lure's design, the positioning on pressure waves behind the boat is less critical than most other slice-fronted lures.

Yet to be beaten, the Nightmare has hooked and captured a number of large Marlin and as many again have been lost due to their size.  A 1,265lb Blue Marlin was hooked and landed in Mauritius on a large Nightmare on a boat owned by Octave Lagesse, the Albatross.  This is believed to be one of the largest certified Blue Marlin captures on a lure, if not the largest.  The boat Albatross has a number of other captures to its credit on Topgun Nightmare lures.

Outstanding Marlin and a number of other species of fish have been captured on the Nightmare lure throughout the world.  For example, one boat in the Canary Islands, in a two week period captured Blue Marlin of 671lb, 704lb, 726lb, and 836lb.  Other captures include a 664lb Blue Marlin, caught at Port Stephens on a 9-1/2 inch Nightmare.  The biggest fish caught on a Magnum Nightmare is a 1089lb Blue Marlin.

As well as being available in all popular colours and multi-colours, this lure is available in natural pearl shell, abalone and paua shell.  Topgun manufacture one of the few weighted natural shell lures in the world.


Maximum Head Diameter

Head Length Overall (excluding skirted area)

Skirted Length

Minimum Line Class

7-3/4 inch 32mm 38mm 200mm 6kg
9-1/2 inch 40mm 48mm 280mm 8kg
12 inch 47mm 56mm 300mm 15kg
14 inch 57mm 64mm 360mm 24kg
14 inch Magnum 60mm 60mm 350mm 37kg


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